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6 Ways of Learning At Home Effectively

Education institutions like Schools, Colleges and Universities in India mostly follow traditional methods of teaching and rely on conventional face-to-face classroom learning. The unexpected outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 in the year 2020 resulted in the shutdown of all educational institutions. The current situation has ushered in a major shift in the academic sector globally and India is no exception. Education has shifted online, with e-learning becoming popular. Online classrooms and virtual teaching-learning process has been accepted as the new norm of education practice.

Even though studying at home has its perks, like learning from a comfortable space, stress-free environment, but it is not free of a few negatives.

It gets very easy to be distracted while studying from home. Scrolling through social media, watching TV, taking a nap and other activities often contribute towards going off-track from the goal of studying or completing an assignment.

Here are 6 tips on how you can learn from home effectively

1) Set up a dedicated study zone – It can be a desk in your bedroom or your living room table, but reserve it as your dedicated space for studying. Avoid studying in bed as that might tempt you to take naps. Ensure your study zone has good internet connectivity and keep the space clean and organized.

2) Create and maintain a daily routine– Establishing a daily routine adds a structure to your regular lifestyle. It creates the headspace to focus on your study. So, set a time to wake up, freshen up , eat breakfast, get dressed and then sit for the online classes.

3) Make a structured study plan – Schedule your study time and breaks , so that your schedule does not become overwhelming.

4) Keep time for physical activity – Include break times between your study sessions. Get up, move around, look outside the window or balcony, do some light exercise.

5) Include social time in daily routine – Set apart a time to interact with your friends, family and relatives. You can connect with them through video calls or phone calls.

6) Be sure to eat and sleep well – Prepare healthy snacks and lunch to have in-between your online classes and study hours. Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep at night.