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DCG Data-Core, Incorporated in 1988, is the software arm of the  DC-Kuljian Group – a US$ 200+ Million Conglomerate, originally founded in 1930 and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Data-Core comprises of two primary entities – DCG Data-Core (India) and its parent company DCG Data-Core Systems USA. The latter operates out of its US headquarters in Philadelphia, PA while the former has its Indian headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal. Data-Core employs around 400 IT and 900 ITESprofessionals. As a part of its offerings, DCG Data-Core (India) provides an end to end Education Management system that is currently in use in several institutions, includes schools, colleges and medium to large universities.

Data-Core’s Education Product is a digital platform enabling Institutes to manage all their processes and the resources effectively – from admissions to alumni, hiring to retires, Financials as well as dashboards for management reporting. It provides a platform for institutes to impart education and monitor their progress digitally. It is comprehensive but flexible, able to handle large amounts of data. It provides a platform for collaboration of academia, industry, professionals and individuals to enable impart world-class education and transform to build the next generation of education models that reflect the changing needs.



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In 2016 Data-Core Systems rebranded itself as Data-Core – The Automation Company, which is focused on New-Age Automation technologies. 

Data-Core currently maintain memberships and alliances with SAP, IEEE, IBM, Oracle, VMWare, QlikView, HP, Salesforce, Dundas, Azure

Setting the pace for Global Automation

  • Best in Class Product – Built-in Partnership with different institutions. Solution centered around Student as consumer. Focus on individual learning paths.

  • Integrated but modular solution – Flexibility to choose from offered modules. Personalized solution offerings

  • Simple, easy to use product. Comprehensive training and    handholding offered. Multiple modes of support offered

  • Minimal investment, flexible engagement models, flexible  pricing models to choose from. No license fees

Data-Core's Education Solution

Data-Core’s Education Platform is a simple, easy to use, comprehensive and affordable set of software offerings provided to Education Institutes, be it Schools, Colleges or Universities. Data-Core’s Education Platform has helped several institutions effectively streamline their complex activities, improve the efficiency of operations and yield from its resources.

Data-Core Education Solution's ERP Functionalities

The Education Solution comprises all the essential modules required to manage an educational system effortlessly. 

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