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Why ERP in Education Sector?

The everyday operations in any industry involve a lot of complex activities and procedures that have to be followed meticulously on a regular basis. The education industry is also not an exception regarding this matter. The introduction of ERP has helped greatly in streamlining the workflow of the Education sector efficiently and effectively.

New Age Automation

With the rise of new technologies and easy access to the internet, the concept of traditional education has undergone a radical change. It is not necessary to be present physically in the classroom to get a quality education, as long as you have access to a computer. Though it is hard to leave behind completely the notion of conventional classroom education, many educational institutions have embraced the idea of online education for some of their programmes or courses.

Online Education Benefits:

  • It is flexible
  • Provides self-paced learning mode
  • Better-Time Management
  • It is easily accessible
  • Allows customized learning experience
  •  Cost-effective

Data-Core Education Solution's Online Education

The online education support has the following features: –
  • Digital Class System for teachers and students

  • Online learning management offering blended options – self-paced or instructor-led learning

  • Easy access to study materials

  • Assignment tracking  system for teachers

  • E-Content where students can access materials uploaded by instructors

  • Online Examination System

Key Features of Data-Core's Education Solution

  • Robust Security System
  • Responsive Design
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Scalable and efficiently handles a large number of users
  • Interactive and easy to use UI
  • Nearly 100 % usability and up-time
  • Ready integration interface for 3rd party systems like payment gateway
  • Separate portal and dashboard for Admin, Students and Teachers
  • Admission Management System including all pre-admission and post-admission activities
  • Online Study centre
  • Self-learning mode available for students
  • Easy access to study materials
  • Blended learning – instructor-led or self-paced
  • Easy generation of various reports, mark sheets and admit cards
  • Flexibility in offering key modules separately

Few of Our Clients

Our Testimonials

Dr. Suprabir Dutta Roy
Controller of Examinations
Assam University, Silchar

Mr. R C Jain, Ex-IAS
Board of Secondary Education, Assam

Jayanta Bhattacharjee
Joint Registrar Examinations & Director
CDC – Assam University, Silchar

Prof. D.R. Dandapat
Ex-Secretary UCAC (Actg.)
Calcutta University, Kolkata


Data-Core’s Education product is very comprehensive. Their services are excellent


We have adopted the Education Product that Data-Core has offered. The software is easy to use, flexible and comprehensive. We have gained significantly from their services


We have been using Data-Core’s product over the last few years Their product is user-friendly and their service is exceptional.


According to SHANGHAI ranking, the University of Calcutta is the best academic performer among all Indian universities. We have partnered with DCG Data-Core Systems India Pvt. Ltd. for our University’s processes for long. They have been involved with the online admission for many years now. They are also providing with the software for our PG Admission - for all the different disciplines (M.A., M.Sc., M.Com, M.Tech, M.Mus, M.ED., LLB/ LLM) and the different University’s campuses. The PG portal handles about 75000 applicants every year.


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