DCG Data-Core Systems Education Solution

Non-Academic Elective Modules

HR & Payroll

The HRMS section of Datacore Education Solution maintains the Recruitment details like Job Applicant List and Advertise List. It maintains the details of the Employee of the institution and is organized in a manner so that it can be retrieved easily. The Leave Management System consists of the details of the leave type and leave balance, daily attendance, leave encashment and leave carry forward. The payroll system maintains the details of the employees’ payscale, department details, employee attendance, provident fund details, pension details etc.

Financial Management

Financial Management of Datacore Education Solution keeps all the expenditures of the institute in check. It maintains the Ledger Accounts, Bank Details, Fund Allocation, Vouchers, Bills, and Balance Sheets.

Inventory & Purchase

Inventory and Purchase module deals with purchase of items required for the institution, maintenance of stock, requisition of items, return of items , creating purchase order. It also maintains the vendor list and Item list.